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Jemima Rose Photography

Capture the truest essence of your brand

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My trademark offering, ensures your branding imagery showcases you in a way that is authentic, beautiful and natural. I will fully immerse myself into your brand, allowing you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the experience, safe in the knowledge you will receive a gallery of images that align with your clients aspirations and emotive needs while honouring your integrity and ethos.

I offer three perfectly tailored photoshoot options, with the option to extend our working relationship to twelve months as well as options for a custom-tailored shoot to suit your unique needs.

So, you need a photographer:


Perhaps my favourite element of what I do is the ability to craft images that are calm yet filled with emotion and have the ability to evoke magical memories whenever they are revisited . . . .  I truly believe images have the ability to tell a story like no words can.   


Our lives are notoriously busy, and ours minds distracted, so let me capture those fleeting moments that would otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten.


Gemma Duck Travel Blog Photo Diaries Photographer Lanzarote



Around every corner there is something to be seen, something pretty, something to bring joy,  you, just have to be willing to see it!

Beautifully authentic. Beautifully real.

Looking for a

Jemima Rose Travel Photographer Somerset


Whether you live near the coast, or you are planning a little get away, nothing compares to the beauty of the ocean, so let's create some memories we can treasure! The sand between our toes and dancing to the sound of crashing waves. Sounds like the perfect day to me!

Captivate your audience with imagery that incites them to see the world

Travel & Tourism

Alongside photography my passion is travel, I love to see the world, too explore and to help business show the finer details, those are details that truly make a location special. 

My guilty pleasure is travel and seeing the world in spectacular settings.  Yes, I'm guilty of insatiable wanderlust—but what’s altogether inspiring is the meeting of a beautiful location, a captivating story, and the joy-filled, moments & memories created by new and loyal visitors alike.

Jemima Rose Travel Photographer New York

Jemima is the epitome of what a personal branding photographer should be. She captured details and moments in a natural, graceful way.  My photos tell a story – one that truly portrays my brand and I.


- Susan Kemple

2019-01-06 11.13.20.jpg
Jemima Rose Brand Product Photographer

Showcase your products to the world with imagery that captivates their true beauty

Product Photography

Standing out in the online world can be hard, I can help you ensure your products stand out with quality images whether you require minimal image photography or your products styled into a lifestyle image I can help .

Ignite a passion and educate the world through imagery that captures the imagination


My photography journey have given me the opportunity to develop a passion and personal hobby, finding the beauty in the often unseen or unnoticed. 

I never imagined I would develop a fancy for wildlife or nature photography, yet I find myself falling deeper in love with the natural world each and everytime I head outside with my camera. 

Jemima Rose Conservation Photographer
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