there! I'm Gemma and a big welcome my little corner of the internet.


I love photography and literally take my camera everywhere.  I honestly believe you can never have too many photographs.   In a fast paced world, photos are truly the only way to make time stand still! 


 I am a serial entrepreneur with a mind full of creative musings, I am also the lady always behind the camera.

I met my husband Chris when I was 17 and we have spent the past 17 years building our lives together.  This life has been built on a foundation of love and family and a shared passion for big dreams and then dreaming bigger.  I am blessed to firstly be a step mum to Chris' two children and together we have three of our own. 


I have worn many hats in the past, including owning and running a dance school, but over the past five years I have worked with local creatives and entrepreneurs as a creative consultant, which I absolutely loved and alongside this The Personal Branding Photoshoot organically evolved and this is now the route I use to help my clients achieve their business dreams through cohesive content.


Love Gem xxx



                          to my little corner of the internet!

I'm a Somerset-dwelling mum with a passion for family, photography , creative entrepreneurs  and all things travel. Come on in and take a look around ....


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