there! I'm Gemma and a big welcome my little corner of the internet.


I have spent my whole adult life working on numerous projects and businesses, but for years I was never truly satisfied. You see my passion is in the little details of business planning, the creative branding, curating a brand and business story, researching ideal clients and developing a voice and image for a brand. Alongside my unwavering passion for 

photography I am now truly indulging my inner creative queen each and every day. 

I spend my days, working alongside like-minded, passion fuelled, creative business owners, 

I first picked up a camera 7 years ago and I don't think I have put it down since. I absolutely love photography and spend hours pouring over images. I have a wealth of knowledge that comes from starting and running small businesses and I use this to capture photographs that will truly work for you. My biggest love is watching like minded business owners shine and really make waves in their area of expertise. 

It really is a wonderful life when you are doing what you love all while meeting and working with like minded business owners who inspire me each and every day. 

Love Gem xxx


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