You have planned and sold out your beautifully curated retreat, you have worked hard to find the perfect venue with beautiful lighting and design features, you have collaborated with local chefs to provide a delicious menu, and have worked hard to hone your offering to ensure each guests has a life changing experience, the final touch is capturing all of your hard work in high quality imagery, that not only reflects the very essence of your story, but also the joy and the blossoming friendships, giving you and your attendees the perfect images to remember the perfect experience whilst also providing you with captivating imagery to help you sell out your future retreats.

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Each Retreat is as unique as the host, and your requirements from me will vary from event to event, please get in touch to discuss your upcoming requirements and together we can build you the perfect package.

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destination Retreats

Nothing excites me more than to travel the world with passion fuelled individuals, capturing them and their brand in its truest essence.

Destination shoots are entirely bespoke to you and are compiled after your consultation call.

I can join you on a business trip, a UK or overseas 

retreat or a specifically curated banding shoot trip. If you need assistance we can collectively create the perfect Personal branding Destination Shoot together.