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48 Hours in London with The Ducks

My husband hates anything different, anything that could potentially seem hard work so I was pleasntly surprised when I suggest we head to London for the weekend and he actually agreed.

Obiosuly I didnt leave him any time for a change of heart, went ahead and booked some attractions and and our hotle for the evening.

We set off to London but after a few miles realised something wasnt quite right with the car, half expecting Chris to throw in the cloth and turn around, he headed to the nearest train station, where we surried to buy tickets before missing the train heading to london.

Why we didnt consider catching a train in the first plaece i dont know. It was such a fantastic way to travel, we sat together, ate brunch together, played games and excited chatted in eager antic[atio of the weekend ahead. Harry was compeltely mesmiresed by the rain journey.

We arrived in London, literally a five minute walk to our first attraction! London Duck Tours!!

There was no way we could head to london and not particiapte in our name sake attraction.

Duck Tours was literlaly the highlight of the weekend.

Once the Duck Tour had finished we headed towards the London Eye with a pit stop at McDoanlads for lunch

The London Eye.

Now I had left nthing to chance this weekend, I had route maps planned for each destination adn each part of our trip. We walked to our next stop. The Lego Store past . . . and much to Daddy's delight opposite th Lego Store was the M&M store! That smell of chcolate literlly draws you in! £34 later we left with bags for off candy covered chocolate.

Caryyingovernight luggare for a family of five around all day in strangely exhausting, we decided to head to the hotel before heading out for tea. To get to the hotel would first mean our first family eperience of the Tube! I think we could of arrived in london and spent the whole time on the tube and the children would of been thrilled! The hotel, due to careful planning on my part, was a five minute walk from. . . tube station.

Now as a family of five I normally find it so hard to find decent roomy accomodation for all our us, s but we hit the jackpot with Days Inn

We didnt even venture out for tea, I had packed fruit and snaks and now we had M&M's for dessert. We led in bed and watched films together. NO distraction, no home renovations, no unaswered emails it was bliss.

After our deliciosu breakfast we packed up our belongging and headed of out for another day. We caught the tube to The National History Museum, where we could of esily spent all day, there is just so much to see and do.

We then decided to play it save and head back towards and wait for our train, we had some time to sparewhcih we used to eat lunch in Puzza Express.

All aborad the train we arrived back to the station where we colletcted our faulty car and drove home with our fingers crossed that we would make it.

There is still so much we would like to see in London, so I am hoping we can head back again soon and tick another few things of our the Bucket List.

We are thinking:

Madam Tussams

Shrek Adventure

A Musical in West End

Lunch in The Rainforest Cafe

What I your favourite thing to do in London?? Chris and I went before having the Duckling's and we spent so much time sat people watching! ;-)

Until next time



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