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Postcards From . . . Lanzarote '19

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Our 2019 adventures have kicked off with a week spent on the fascinating island of Lanzarote. Lanzarote is one of the seven main Canary Islands, located at the most southernly region of Spain, and for us brits looking for some winter sun they are only around a short 4 hour flight from Bristol airport.

We are not normally the spontaneous types, as I do love a good list and lots and lots of planning, but I just happened to be on the Tui website a few days before Christmas and found an absolutely steal for a holiday for five people, now if you are a family of five or more, you will know that deals for holidays aren't easy to come by, so impulsively we booked it then and there.


Our flight out with Tui was seamless and a short and sweet 3.5 hours, the children as always were super, they read books, ate their weight in packed snacks, listened to music and raced Mario style on a Nitentdo switch.

On arrival to Lanzarote the sun was shining and the warm air hit our skin as we walked off the plane, I had been worried we would be disappointed with the weather, I but leaving behind the chilly morning air in England and arriving to some afternoon sun soon changed out minds. We love exploring and are happy to venture anywhere but there is nothing better than stepping of the plane and into sunshine, especially when its cold damp and grey back at home.

We checked into our accommodation for the week which was Cinco Plaza located in Puerto Del Carmen, the oldest tourist resort on Lanzarote and only 15 minute drive down the coastline from Arrecife AirPort.

The accommodation at Cinco Plaza was much cleaner and fresher than we were expecting for the price and the facilities of the accommodation and resort we an additional surprise. Our apartment was located next to a children's splash pool, which was ideal for early morning fun or an afternoon relaxing depending on our days adventures. The resort also had an online children's club, two pools and a small toddlers pool. Even in the colder months of January there we struggled to get a bed around the pool, so I can imagine that the peak season would be involve a very early morning bed reservation if you intended to spend your days lounging around the pool. However for us, we tended to use the pool later in the afternoon when lots of families had headed of to get ready for their evening out.

As beach lovers and the fact that on arrival to our accommodation we realised we were only a short 5 minute walk to the beach, as soon as we arrived, we dumped our cases int the apartment and headed off in search of the quickest route to the beach.

The children couldn't believe their luck on arrival at the beach, the volcanic formations meant the beaches were the perfect place climbing, exploring, rock pooling as well as the traditional sand castle building and wave jumping.

In hindsight we should of grabbed swimming costumes but we were so desperate to feel the sand beneath our toes they were the last thing on our minds, the children went swimming non the less, so after our walk and play in the sea we headed back to our apartment for a quick change before heading out in search of a restaurant for tea.

Puerto Del Carmen, has no shortage of restaurants and you could probably eat somewhere different every night of the week for a year. We settled on a little Italian style restaurant that had a clear view of the ocean, after all that is the best tea time view you could ever wish for.

Although there is no time difference in Lanzarote over our winter, the children were exhausted after their day of travelling and the excitement of finding a new beach, so after tea we headed back up the hill to our apartment.

We spent the majority of our down time either in the splash pool outside of our apartment or in the large on site pool, the children can all swim but aren't particularly confident and the pool is a adult pool which meant they were out of depth all the times, so either, one of us was in the pool with them or stood at the edge on high alert. To be honest it was easier to be in the pool, there was also an onsite lifeguard however we 'are those parents'.

I am really proud of my ability to pack considerably lightly for a family of five and quite quickly, however I also manage to always forget something of quite high importance. A couple of years ago I forgot to pack all of Billy's shorts, and this year I forgot to pack Chris' swimming shorts. Although for some reason he spent more time in the pool on this holiday than he ever has before, just in his normal shorts. As you can imagine I have earned some serious packing brownie points for my little error.


After our a couple of hours in the splash pool on our first morning, we packed up and headed off to explore Puerto Del Carmen, I had big ideas for exploring this holiday, however I always forget I have slightly older children and a husband in tow which means there are now 5 of us with opinions on how we want to spend our holidays.

Last year we cancelled both of our family holidays abroad which were a week exploring Brussels and Amsterdam and a two week Californian coastal road trip. This was obviously a hard decision to make as we lost quite a bit of money on prepaid accommodation and flights however, last year it was simply a financial spend we could justify, so this holiday the children simply wanted to make up for lost time and spend as much time enjoying the sun, sea and sand as they could possibly squeeze into a week. With this in mind we decided to walk along Puerto del Carmen sea front, taking in the shops and surroundings on the first leg of our afternoon and after lunch we walked the couple of miles back along the beaches and coves, climbing over rocks and splashing in the sea.

Christmas in the sun is a new family tradition I would quite like to explore. The children found it really exciting to see all the Christmas decoration around the Island and to see how different cultures celebrate the same festival as us but in very different ways.

One thing we did discover on this trip to Lanzarote is the Canary Islands know how to make a good milkshake! They were slightly on the expensive side, just over 5 euros each, but the Ducklings insist they were worth every cent and were the best milkshakes they have ever tasted ANYWHERE!!!