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Our Travel Plans for 2019

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Spontaneous we are not, however now and then life calls for some changes and a little adventure. We had already decided to spend less on Christmas and to gift less presents to the children, in exchange for more adventures and experiences throughout the year.

I was browsing holidays for 2019, something I like to do on those dark wet English days and found a last minute deal to lanzaorote leaving in the New Year and impulsively booked it.

On Christmas Day I prepared a little pack which let the Ducklings each pick something to do with either myself or chris each month as we are really focusing on quality time and fun this year over materials things, as part of this little pack they each received a calendar.

After unwrapping the calendar we started to fill in dates, after we had entered all our birthdays, I flipped to January and spelt out holiday, took them to L to realise what I was spelling out and so there our 2019 Adventures began.

Last year I put together a little bucket list, and although we didn't actually make it on any of our big trips to circumstance out of our control we did however book them which is much more than can be said for the previous years, so this year we sat down again and started jotting down some ideas and planning out our bucket list for the upcoming year.

There are some places which we have dreamed about visiting for ages and places we have visited either without or before children.

The little blog post is mostly for our own self indulgence, because when its January. and its dark, grey and damp outside, you can't help feeling a little, well, burgh, so we always love to start dreaming and planning little adventures to make the upcoming cold and dreary months a little more bearable.

We would love to hear your plans for 2019 as well as any recommendations for places to visit or stay. Please do share them with us as we may be easily convinced to change our minds on places to explore.

If you have just joined us, you should probably know we are a family of five just like you, with jobs and commitments, albeit we are trying to limit these commitments so we have more time to travel. We are love extremely anxious and find traveling really stressful but its something we love to do and we want to open a world of opportunity and experience stories our three little Ducklings. I am also the worst flyer I know, the thought of flying literally makes me ill but I would never let this stop me exploring the world it just means I am the quietest person to fly with because I am busy concentrating on counting down every second until we land.

Lanzarote - We have talked about visiting the Canary Islands a few times over the past couple of years, so when I spotted a last minute winter sun deal that was too good to turn down we packed our bags and headed off for dome winter fun.

Lanzarote is one of the seven Canary Islands located off the coast of Africa but remains part of Spain. The draw for us was the short flight, the beautiful winter sun and to experience the volcanic landscape. It's far to say we were not disappointed.

New York - I think we have been planning this trip for at least 15 years, and this is the year we finally make it to the big apple. We try to get away once a year without the children for a long weekend, and as there is so much we want to see and do in the city, we have decided this is our child free adventure this year. I have already started planning our short and exciting itinerary and can't wait to share our New York adventures with you. All those years of Sex and the City and Friends, countless romantic chick flicks and finally I (I mean we ;-) ) get to see it.

Amsterdam - We do love a city break, and last year was meant to be the first year we took the children on one that wasn't in the UK. Here's hoping we get the chance to finally explore the beautiful Amsterdam canals and streets with the Ducklings.

Discover Britain

Through work Chris has seen so much of this beautiful little Island and so we have decided that its time we explore it a little further and deeper than our go to location. So this year join us as we seek out new places to visit.

Somerset - Even within our home county there is so much we haven't experienced, we can't wait to become tourists in our pwn back yard and hopefully inspire a few of our local friends to get out and about exploring too.

Dorset- We are already huge fans of the Jurassic coast, in fact one of our first dates was at the quaint little harbour of West Bay and last January we took the Ducklings back there for a cobweb blowing winter walk. We really can't wait to explore new coves and beaches along the Jurassic Coast, where the Ducklings will spend their time fossil hunting, while I can take photographs of the stunning coastal landscapes.

Lake District. - I am most excited about heading here this year, I am always so envious when I have seen other peoples photographs of this beautiful part of the country. I a little bit of a British country Bumpkin and although the Island isn't that big I haven't really made an effort to travel north to see the beautiful landscapes.

Gloucestershire - Just just want to stand in the quaint little streets and drink in the beautiful houses, and maybe indulge in an afternoon tea or two. Lazy weekend wanders anyone?

We would obviously love to go and see other parts of the world and are hoping that we win the lottery so we can squeeze a few more adventures into the year, last year we had to cancel our Californian costal road trip so that one is still on the burner and you never know!

Tell you your plans for 2019! We would love to hear about them.

Until next time,



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