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Day Trip To . . . Warwick Castle, UK

Updated: Mar 8

This weekend, Chris and I escaped to Warwickshire for a business trip and decided to embrace being away without the children and being somewhere new by visiting a local tourist attraction.

Over our evening dinner we used are ahed over visiting Milton Keynes or BicesterShopping Village, but I hate shopping and you can do that anywhere, so we settled on Warwick Castle.

If we had woken up to rain I must admit we probably wouldn't have gone, however upon waking the weather was dry and warm so we headed to Warwick Castle, upon arriving the rain had started but even without raincoats we didn't get that wet, the Castle has lots of places to explore, and time few so quickly, before we knew it, it was time to head home and we didn't manage to get round to see everything.

I always feel guilty for visiting attraction like this without the children, especially when you see so many young children about, however it was so nice to actually be able to have a good look around and immerse ourselves in the history and detail of the castle without the constant loo breaks and food pit stops.

If you are up in the area, or you are looking for a lovely day out, we would definitely recommend Warwick Castle. you can pre book tickets online >> here <<

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