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Day Trip To . . . Paultons Park, Hampshire, UK

Updated: Mar 8

We didn't get out and about that much this summer due to my surgery, so we decided to treat the children to a day out at Paultons Parks before they headed back to school.

I don't think it matters how old you are, Paultons Park AND Peppa Pig World is captivating and a sure way to spend a fun day out with your loved ones.

Daddy wanted to ride the rollercoaster, so while he waited in line the Duckling's and I headed off on some of the younger rides to fill the time. The boys literally loved these rides . . anything that makes them feel like they are driving!

Chris was going to text me to let me know it was his turn on the ride, however we both had very limited service inside the par and so I didn't get his message. Luckily Mollie shouted, 'I think thats daddy on the ride'. So unfortunately I didn't get the picture of him I wanted , but we did get to see him and I did manage to snap a couple of pictures that if you look hard enough you can see some of his body parts ;-)

Next we headed to the Water Ride, the Ducklings had no clue what they had let them selves in for, its safe to say there were a lot of tears when their turn came to an end. You may notice Harry disappear on a few of these pictures, he slipped under the front of the boat, banging his head as he tried to get back up :-(

Next the boys headed to the Pirate Ship! Why do the onsite on making rides that go round and round and round?? They make me feel dizzy just watching them! ;-)

The highlight of the day for me was (as always) Peppa Pig World! I do miss having a toddler, Harry still secretly loves Peppa, not that he would ever admit this out load but I have caught him watching Peppa Pig snuggled up on the sofa. He was, as so many children are besotted with Peppa as a toddler and we have been meaning to take him to Peppa Pig World since then. it's just one of those things we never got round too, we visited when the other two were younger, and now seem to visit places that suit their age group, so it was really nice to delve back into memories of their younger days.

They really didn't want to stand here for a picture, but what self respecting Mum can take her children to Peppa Pig World and not get a picture of them under the entrance??? ;-)

Peppa Pig World is just so bright and happy, I could literally spend all day in there and yes the Ducklings LOVED it, Its like Disney Land, you are never to old. Its one of those places that just retains the magic.

Iconically Peppa, and even though it was one of the longest queue we endured the children were desperate to ride a 'Din-o'saur'.

Paultons Park isn't just about its rides and Peppa Pig World, it is also home to some amazing animals and beautiful park land, we love to wonder off for an hour, to get away from the hustle and bustle and spend time enjoying the scenery and animals.

Every one needs a Doughnut shaped pillow . . .right!?!?! I might of put up a bit of a fight before giving in and buying the Ducklings these pillows, but they slept like babies on the way home. Thank god for the doughnut pillows :-)

As the day started to come to an end we wandered back into the main ride area and the children picked a few rides to go on, this was my favourite time of the day, we were all nice and relaxed after our little walk, the sun was starting to set and it was getting cooler and the park was starting to get a little quieter which meaning there was no queue for any of the rides. The children were all loved up and there was no pressure to do anything in particular, the children stopped and chatted to other families and Chris and I enjoyed a quiet moment people watching as we waved to the children each time to past on the roundabout. :-)

This picture was taken as they got off the last ride of the day, the traditional roundabout, one of the perks about the children getting older is that we can stay out a bit later and we literally stayed onsite until closing time. I sometimes forget how young Harry is and how much we expect of him compared to how much I ever would of expected from the other two when they were his age. You can see it in their eyes that they are getting tired, but I love this picture, they look so content and chilled.

Ticket prices are priced from £29.25 (if you book in advance), and they also offer Family Tickets including a five person Family Ticket, which is amazing!!!

You can also pre-book in advance without specifying a visiting date which is so good, we put dates in the diary but being self employed sometimes you simply have to rearrange and have a flexible date just eliminates another worry and restriction on family life.

You can book your tickets >> HERE <<

The visited has reignited Harry's love for Peppa, even if it is only bedtime stories, but it means I get to keep him as my baby for a little bit longer ;-)

The family day out was the perfect end to a lovely summer., and now I'm seriously considering booking to visit over Christmas.

Until next time



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