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Sunny Bank Holiday Fun

We are almost the weekend again, so I thought I should probably get on and share a few pictures from our Bank Holiday weekend spent at home, pottering in the garden and house while enjoying the fabulous weather.

I you may have guessed by now that I just loved taking pictures, so below are a few snaps from our weekend :-)

I am already excited that in many years to come I'll be able to sit down with my children (and maybe even their children) and relive our memories through this blog.

This weekend was all about wish making!! I hope they were making good one ;-)

Running free in the early evening sun, this was about 6.00pm and look at that sky!!

We are either going to have some serious good fortune or next spring I am going to have a garden FULL of weeds ;-)

Harry found the shade and took some time out from some serious fun in the sun!

Would it be a bank holiday weekend if we didn't start some major DIY project!!! Project Summer House is well and truly underway now! I so excited to have another room to style and furnish ;-)

How come you can spend the whole day in the garden, yet the house somehow becomes a mess?!? One of lifes great mystery! I bet its the same pixies that steal all those odd socks!

Love that Billy is finally starting to show some interest in sports, he may have inherited a little bit of my competitiveness after all! ;-)

That sky!!!!!

Just chilling next a tree while soaking in the last of the sun's trays before heading home for a bath.

Another wish!!

My lovely friend Tina from Evergreen Floral Designs popped round this gorgeous bouquet for me! It was seriously beautiful, I literally spend about an hour taking pictures of it before outing them pride of place in my lounge.

I love how a smile can light up a face.

Summer house taking shape!!! He has a strict deadline of early July set my Mollie who would like to use it as a base for her birthday party!! No pressure then Mr Duck!

Lola isn't the biggest fan of these sunny days, I think I might treat her to her own paddling pool this year!

There is something so magically about the blossom, our two apples tress were completely clovered in bright, vibrant pink blossom last weekend and now its already faded and wilted. But it was beautiful while it lasted.

The English Country side was in her prime this weekend, views like this remind me of the long warm days before children, when Chris and I would go of walking for hours in the warm evening sun.

This is our commute! In the winter it is pretty bleak but on bright sunny days there isn't anywhere I would rather be!

It was pretty much Pimm's O'clock on the hour every hour ;-)

As it was Billy's Birthday last weekend we had all the family over on Saturday for a Nerf Wars Party ( Blog coming soon) and here is a little snap of our beautiful Granddaughter I snapped before we dived into afternoon tea.

I hope you all had a great Bank Holiday too! Luckily for us we have another one coming up pretty soon ;-)

Until next time.




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