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New Years Resolutions and Goals

Another activity we did this New Years Eve was to sit together ans discuss our New Years Resolutions and Goals for 2018.

Its funny how ours (Adults) seem to be the same each year!?! I guess things don't change if we don't make changes to the way we live. Maybe this should be the mantra for this year!!

Anyway you can propably guess that Harry had broken his by 10am on 1st January 2018 but he made it with the best of intentions I promise you ;-)

Lets see how we get on! Heres to 2018!

The Duck Family New Years Resolutions and Goals 2018


  • Get fitter

  • Get a hobby


  • Improve diet

  • Focus on the positives

  • Teach myself to edit videos and start a YouTube channel

  • Rediscover my love of tap dancing


  • Understand my worries better

  • Try and see the positive side and enjoy being happy

  • Learn to play the drums

  • Be more organised


  • Learn more

  • Exercise, participate

  • Fully at school

  • Eat less chocolate and pudding

  • Pay my way


  • Eat NO chocolate

  • Learn to play football

  • Walk Lola

You can also see our 2018 Family Bucket List here >>> and Interviews we did with the children on New Years Eve here >>

Until next time!




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