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Day Trip To . . . to Bristol Zoo

Updated: Mar 8

One of Mollie's Bucket List items for 2018 was to visit a Zoo, so after checking the internet and realising a) we were out of season b) it was a school day for everyone else in the area except us and c) the sun was making a rare appearance we decided to head to Bristol Zoo Gardens for a day out before the crowds dominated everywhere over half term.

I must admit I find zoo's such a bitter sweet place to visit, part of me loves seeing the animals and on the other hand it makes me feel very uneasy. However the children have been longing to visit a zoo for a couple of years now and it was lovely to see their excitment at each new animal we encountered and it is reassuring to know that Bristol Zoo Gardens is run by Bristol Zoological Society, a conservation and education charity, and since they opened thier doors on Monday 11th July 1836 they have helped save over 175 species from extinction. I was also pleasantly suprised at the level of understanding the children have about our planet and the steps we must take in order to help and protect our aniaml kingdom. I know I'm like most parents in that I am constant drumming facts in to them and 'nagging' them to not use plastic, pick up litter, turn off taps etc etc, so it's so reassuring to know that they actually are listending and are genuinely concious and aware of the impact they have on our planet through the way they live and their daily actions.

Bristol Zoo Gardens is the zoo is the fifth oldest zoo in the world and since then it has helped save over 175 species from extinction.

I decided to try out a new lens today, I knew we would get to enjoy the presence of some beautiful wildlife and wanted to see if I could capture some pictures that we could hang athome on our walls. Plus I have a little niggle that I would like to be a photographer and taking pictures of my children is never going to account as a job or make me any mone no matter how much I love them, so I think I should try and find a photography niche I enjoy. They aren't the best as juggling a new lens, three child and shaky hands . . . . it was just a tad cold is tricker than one might first imagine. ;-)

This gorgeous Red Panda snuck out for some tea just as we were leaving.

The children fell in love with Sirana and her son Hugo, the two Pygmy Hippo's. We spent nearly half an hour just watching them play, running between their pool and outside area.

The Inca Terns are stunning, a novice phtographers dream! I could of spent an age capturing them, I mean just look at those vibrant red beaks and feet.

Mollie's favourite animals are penguins, which was one of the major factors in me selecting Bristol Zoo Gardens for our day out. Seal and Penguin Coast is an iconic part of Bristol Zoo and we spent ages watching the colony of African penguins. Mollie was completey made up and spent the rest of the day trying to convince the boys to join her in having penguins as their favourite animals!

Rookey photographer error alert. I excitedly entered the butterfly room ready to capture some close up images of the butterflys but the dramtic change in temperature caused my camera lens to condensate, even after being in there for 15 minutes the best image I could get was this one. I know its not technically correct but I love how dreamy it looks! ;-)

After seeing this guy we headed over to the crocodile enclosure, after five minutes of searching I asked a passing zoo keeper if he could spot the crocodile. 10 minutes of hunting later, we left after causing mild alarm that the crocodile couldnt be found . . though it is reassuring to know that there wasn't a a missing crocodile feature on the news last night!!! I guess he just likes a good old game of hide n seek like the rest of us.

Bristol Zoo is home to two Asiatic lion brothers; Kamran and Ketan, I'm not sure which one I captures here but h is stunning, I just wanted to climb in and rub his head, just call me the crazy cat lady!

The Asiatic lion has unfortunately been declared the most endangered large cat species in the world. Asiatic lions are from India, where there are thought to be only 350 left in the wild.

We were greeted on arrivial to Bristol Zoo Gardens by these beautiful Greater Falmingos and I couldn't resist sneaking back just before we left to capture these images as the sun began to set.

After a day of exploring the Zoo, the children let off some steam in the play area before we headed home. I'm definatley not a fan of cold Febraury weather but the sunlight was beautiful and the dry weather was much needed after what feels like months of rain.

It's safe to say we all had an enjoyable day at Bristol Zoo!

Until next time.




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