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Montacute House - National Trust

Updated: Mar 9

National Trust through the seasons

Weekends seem to disappear aroud this neck of the woods. When you are renovating a house and both self employed, I often wonder if we even have weekends at all. I decided that it was hugley important to spend time with my little people without any distractions and so just before Christmas I purchased us a National Trust Family Membership.

When our passes arrived, I excitedly showed them to the children and the husband and they all sat and rolled their unexcited eyes at me, I'm pretty used to this now so I didn't let it deter me. With the 35,000 things to do over the Christmas period we didn't get out anywhere but last Sunday I made full use of the gap in our diaries.

I thought would let my husband choose our destination as then he would think the whole day trip was his idea ;-) he chose Montacute House, a late Elizabethan mansion with gardens nestled in Montacute, South Somerset. It's only only an hours drive for us, making the perfect journey length! Enough time to drink a hot coffee and chatter to the children about their week, just before we hit the 'are we nearly there yet?' zone!!

We also took Chris' brand new GroPro6 out for a spin, although you will see from the video that our camera skills need a little working on but it is such a lovely keepsake of our day out even if its just for our benefit.

We were so lucky with the weather, It was a little bit chilly although we were still in January so that it to be expected, but after what felt like weeks of constant rain, the clouds held back for the morning which we took full advantage of, even sitting outside with a coffee and slice of cake at lunch time. Our tour of the house started at 1.30pm which was when the heavens opend and the rain started.

The volunteers inside the house were amazing, their knowledge of the house and it's history was simply astonishing. Each and everyone of them took the time to talk to us and share some facts, discussing objects within the house and the familes who lived there. Montacute House was built in about 1598 by Sir Edward Phelips, whose family had lived in the Montacute area since at least 1460, first as yeomen farmers before rising in status and after many years of bad fortune and recessions the gardens and grounds have been lovingly restored and replanted.

The house and Montacute village have often featured as locations for films including the film version of Jane Austen's novel Sense and Sensibility.

The children were also given a great insight into the lives of the families who lived and worked at Montacute house but they particular enjoyed the animal safari, which had them searching each room for animals which could be found in print, patterns and ornaments.

I think mummy was right after all and our National Trust Memberhsip was a good idea! ;-)

Until next time.




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