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Stourhead . . . National Trust in Spring

Updated: Mar 8

Sometimes when life is hetic and pulling you in 100 directions, taking a hour to walk around somewhere new and beautiful gives you some time to gain some clarity and an opportunity to think things over without a monutain of distractions.

The husband and I both work from home, and we are really strict with ourselves, probably too strict, so escaping for an hour made us feel like naughty teenagers skiving. but it was much needed and we returned home raring to go. Its amazing what a spot of fresh air can do for productivity.

We decided to nip to Stourhead, which is a 1,072-hectare estate at the source of the River Stour near Mere in Wiltshire. The stunning estate includes a Palladian mansion, the village of Stourton, gardens, farmland, and woodland. We only had a short time so we wandered around the walled gardens and down through the village on the approach to the lake.

Its official, we are loving our new National Trust Family Membership, Stourhead is simply beautiful so much so that on our next free afternoon we are planning to take the children.

Until next time



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