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Pumpkin Festival

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Halloween fever has officially hit, the house is decorated and the children have planned their halloween costumes, all that is left to do is carve the pumpkins. Last year we visited a road side Pumpkin Shop but this year we decided to venture to a local Farm Shop and hand pick our pumpkins from a pumpkin patch.

I have been decorating our home for Halloween for nine years now and it great that it is now so easy to purchase decorations and participate in halloween themed family days out.

The Spookley Pumpkin Festival at Farrington Farm shop is nothing short of legendary. It is such a simple concept but it is so effective, and judging by the number of orange pumpkins walking around we aren't the only family to think so.

There was so much to do, the children (and I) had masses of fun playing in the hay pit, Mollie of course had her face painted to look like a pumpkin, we took a tractor and trailer ride across the field and we spent ages walking among the pumpkins in the patch, being extra selective and making sure we each found the 'perfect' pumpkin.

There was plenty of room for every one to stop and carve their pumpkins but as you will shortly see the Duckling's have grand plans for their pumpkins so we brought ours home for a master craft session.

The children were mesmerised by the Spookley story telling, and to finish off our visit we all snuggled up and watched a feature length film all about Spookley and his quest to be accepted.

It was one of the best family days out we have had in a while, and although I knew the Ducklings and I would love our visit to the Pumpkin Festival I was pleasantly surprised by how much there was to do and participate in.

I can't wait to share our pumpkin masterpieces with you!

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Photography: Gemma (all images taken on an Iphone 7)

Venue: Farrington Farm Shop ~ Pumpkin Festival

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