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Little Mix

Well our first concert experience did not go as expected! It took twice as long as normal to travel down to Exeter and after an impromptu Starbucks pitstop my trusty weak bladder had me queuing for almost an hour on the brink of tears just to piddle in my first and hopefully last experience of a festival located porter-loo! These pre concert shenanigans and the additional entrance security meant we walked into Lulworth Castle just as the concert was starting and so missed that all important food run.

As soon as the music started Miss Mollie completely freaked out; 'The music is too loud', 'There are too many people' and 'I can't even see the stage!'. Mollie struggles with anxiety and suddenly I was thinking I had made a terrible mistake. :-( We snuggled up on the floor and listened to Ella Eyre (best support act ever!! and slowly but surely she started to relax, with the odd smile and some definite body swaying going on ;-)

In hindsight I probably should of pre-warned her of the format of a concert and telling her we were going to SEE Little Mix was a little bit of an exaggeration, it should of been replaced with we are going to listen to Little Mix and hopefully we might get a glimpse of them if we can get close enough to the stage. ;-)

Thankfully once Little Mix hit the stage she had relaxed and I can even go as far as saying she really enjoyed the experience, she loved singing along and dancing, although apparently my dancing was really embarrassing and I should stop!

Daddy Duck drove us all the way down and hung around until the concert ended, so I was able to I send him a quick text asking him to stock up on food supplies as by the end of the concert we were all starving, which probably wasn't helping Mollies mood or my patience levels!

The Little Mix girls were really good (can I say amazing) and most definitely know how to put on a good show, the castle grounds was full of preteen girls, teens, mums and even hen parties all getting their grove on. I haven't attended many concerts but apart from the initial stresses the actual concert was fab.

After the concert and sat back in the car Mollie munched her way through a weeks worth of food and was sound asleep with the biggest smile on her face before we had even left Exeter.

Upon waking the next morning, Mollie declared it was the best night ever and excitedly told anyone who would stand still long enough that she had been to see Little Mix in concert and they were amazing!! . . . . . and mummy 'when can we go again'!! Meanwhile I'm still emotionally exhausted and if anyone even mentions the words Little Mix, concert or portable-loo to me I might cry!!!

Photography: Gemma Duck

Location: Exeter

Event: Little Mix Concert

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