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Somerset Lavender Farm - 2017

I think we have officially found the best way to spend a early summer afternoon! We spent the majority of our time snapping away at the edge of the lavender field only to discover the lavender in the middle is just much brighter and prettier but by the time I made the discovery the children had already had enough of me stood behind my camera snapping away, Harry had been stung by a bee and they were all pretty much soaked to the skin ~ rookie error!!!

Somerset Lavender Farm is beautiful, we ran among the lavender between stormy downpours of rain (what can we expect it is the summer holidays after all) and finished off our visit with some delicious homemade cake in the little onsite cafe, not before I tried to do some ladylike posing amoungst the lavender only to loose my balance and toople over, all expertly caught on camera by my delightful and hystericaly laughing nine year old daughter!

We will be back next season, with our fingers crossed for some dier weather.

Unitil next time



Photography: Gemma Duck

Location: Somerset Lavender Farm

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