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Paw Patrol Party Time

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

I had decided I wasn't going to throw birthday parties this year and just have a little family celebration for each of the Ducklings, but after a little chat with Nursery and discovering that Harry has been actively seeking out adults to play with rather than his fellow classmates and a week of, shall we, shan't we, we decided to throw Harry a little birthday party. (Although they never end up little with a family as big as ours!)

The invitations were sent out last week to a few of his friends from nursery, its funny how with your first child you constantly have friends over and are always looking for playdates but with Harry being the third and youngest duckling I seem to have completely forgotten to ever arrange playdates for his benefit. So feeling slightly guilty and also relieved that I was finally getting to meet some of his friends, I made a start on quickly putting together a little birthday party celebration that Harry and his friends would love and hopefully remember throughout their childhood journey together.

Its been a while since I have thrown a proper mini birthday party, (Joys of working like a crazy person for the last three years.) So I have some major party making up to do for the Ducklings and although I didn't go 'all out crazy' like in the good old days, mainly because I didn't have the time and I feel a little bit out gof the party loop, I definitely made a good start and that spark for birthday party planning is starting to rear itself :-) - Infact I have already started planning Billy's Birthday Party which isn't until May!!

Harry has spent the last 6 months utterly obsessed with Paw Patrol and with his favourite colour being orange, Zuma in particular. This meant it was the natural choice to use this as the starting point for his party inspiration. Though if I had known that after spending all day Saturday spray painting (in the rain and wind) and mixing food colouring and icing, that my fingers would resembled large cheesy Wotsits, I might have chosen a slightly different party theme. - Thank god for body scrubs ;-)

At the last minute we were asked to have our 9 month old granddaughter Grace for the day, and it's fair to say that I had completely forgotten how hard it is to get anything done with a very little person around, so trying to pull all the party bits together in time for the 11am start took longer than I had anticipated and it meant I didn't get round to taking as many pictures as I would of liked.

Below are the pictures I did manage to get before the party goers arrived, however we also covered Oreos in white chocolate and decorated with blue icing shaped like bones and we cut all the sandwiches into bones shapes - which went down really well with the little people. I don't know about you but I hate making sandwiches on a good day, so seeing them all get eaten makes me VERY happy!!

We put Harry's Paw Patroller to good use and used it to store all the party plates, napkins, Paw Patrol character masks and drinks.

The cake didn't turn out at all like I had planned. As I set about decorating the cake at 6pm on Saturday evening I realised my food colouring hadn't arrived . . argh . . So Mr D made a mad dash to Tesco but discovered they only sell the supermarket type food colouring gels. I didn't even attempt to try and colour royal icing as planned, and I used two full tubes of the orange colour gel with the butter icing to achieve the pastel orange colour above! However Harry loved his cake so my disorganisation didn't cause to much heartache.

Mollie and I covered giant marshmallows with orange candy buttons and then cut little bones out of white icing for decoration, the adults seemed to enjoy these a lot more than the children. We also filled orange and white stripped popcorn boxes with Harry's favourite snack, popcorn.

And just like that it was all over! The Duckling is officially 4! . . . . . . . and this week he is obsessed with Avengers and he would like 'a Hulk Party next weekend please mummy'!

Party wear purchased from Party Delights and Amazon.




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