• Gemma Duck

Harry Turns 4

Yesterday our baby, Harry turned four! It was a hugely anticipated event with the seven days prior filled with 'How long until it's my birthday?' "What day is my birthday on?' 'Do I get presents on my birthday?' "How much bigger will I get on my birthday?', it's fair to say we were relieved the day had finally arrived!

We spent the morning opening presents and playing with balloons. We gave him a Duplo Batman set, which I was looking forward to putting together with him, but by the time I had finished washing up, it was made and mid superhero battle :-( Older siblings ruin all the fun, kind of makes you feel redundant, so although it was technically a nursery day for the birthday boy, I decided to keep him all to myself, and after a quick discussion, he decided he wanted to get his feet measured and play at soft play.

Once we had delivered two disgruntled older siblings to school, (probably not helped by the fact that Harry chanted 'I'm going to soft play, your not' throughout the whole school run.) we headed to our nearest Clarks shop. Obviously just because he is now four and miraculously grew like a magic bean overnight, Harry had grown a whole shoe size since we last got his feet measured, or purchased him new shoes! (This quickly clarified my confusion as to why he wanted to spend the morning of his birthday getting his feet measured.) It appears the blisters on his toes were from wearing shoes that were just a smidgen too small for him. . . ops! (Third child problems.) Once his feet were cosy and pain free inside his new 'flashing' kicks, we headed to Cowtastic a local soft play for lunch and an afternoon of running around like crazy people.

My endeavour to organise the ball-pit into piles of same coloured balls ended up with me being bombarded with cannonball jumps from children who found my strange desire hugely hilarious. So I changed tactics and became the soft play witch and chased them around. :-)

Both suitable tired we headed back for the school run and home for a chilled afternoon of Nanny visits, Lego building, cake eating, Happy Birthday singing and bedtime snuggles. Oh to be four! <3

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