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Day Trip To . . . Weymouth, UK

Updated: Mar 8


No summer is complete without our annual visit to Weymouth Beach. Now once a Duckling set's foot on a beach, there is no dragging them off, so from our arrival at 10am we spent our day playing in the sea, digging the biggest hole possible (before Harry refilled it), alongside our annual sandcastle building competition, eating way too many ice-creams, watching the traditional Punch and Judy show, and not forgetting the many, many visits to the toilets ;-)

This year was no exception, the boys set about digging 'the hole' as soon as we arrived, while Miss Mollie changed into her cossie and headed straight for the sea. Obviously the boys weren’t far behind her and although it was a gorgeously warm summer day, the sea most definalty had that English touch . . . blinking freezing!

An hour in the sea was followed by more hole digging and addition of seats for each little bottom.

After lunch Mollie made friends with our neighbours, and the hunted for pretty seashells, so the boys and I headed out on a pedalo. Harry took control of the rudder, meaning we spent most of our hour going round in circles, but they absolutely loved it and would of happily stayed out there another hour, but I get travel sick just looking at a vehicle so after an hour of bopping up and down and spinning its safe to say I was in much need of a dark corner and some travel tablets.

At 5pm to the chorus of disappointed 'Nooooooo's, we packed up spades and buckets full of seashells and headed back to the car. Each year our annual Weymouth visit is finished with a visit to MacDonald's . . . . I am hoping that in the not so distant future they will pick the delight of a traditional beachfront portion of Fish 'n' Chips over a plastic toy but for now another toy it is.

I arrived home with three sleeping Ducklings, a car full of sand, and the knowledge that I would have three very sandy beds to deal with in the morning :-) They have already started talking about next years visit to Weymouth, apparently we need more buckets as there is a gigantic sandcastle in the planning!!

Until next time



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