• Gemma Duck

Taking To The Skies

Now as you can imagine I had been having nightmares for weeks leading up to the planned flight, but upon arriving at Bristol Airport the excitement far out weighed any tension. Once we were seated on the plane, we hit the run way and before I had time to unwrap the planned lollipops we were up in the air.

I am by no means a seasoned traveller, but after successfully flying with three children and two nervous parents, especially after years of postponing family holidays overseas, I thought I would let you know what kept us sane and the children focused on adventure rather than the realisation of being 32,000 feet up in the sky.

So this Christmas we asked for Trunkies. The children each received a trunkie for Christmas from relatives and we filled them to the brim with snacks, colouring books, small toys and their holiday essentials. Being a HUGE pinterest fan I thought this would be just what the children would need, but during our short two hour flights there and back we actually spent the time talking and wondering along with taking many many pictures of aeroplane engines, mountains, clouds, blue skies and aeroplane seats! Now we are back home sat in the garden wondering why on earth we didn’t take them abroad sooner. Children don’t need THINGS keep them entertained, they need experiences, quality family time and to discover! They are currently sat looking for aeroplanes in the sky and dreaming up the exotic locations they may or may not be traveling to!

I know that future flights and destinations further a field may require a few sources of

entertainment, but next time we are going for disposable cameras, journals, and a couple of our favourite bedtime reading books!

Happy flying!

Until next time.



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