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Day Trip To . . . Mary Poppins, Bristol Hippodrome

So on Sunday we ventured to Bristol to watch Mary Poppins at The Bristol Hippodrome. I felt uneasy about carrying out our normal routine after the devastating events that happened on Friday, and must admit to googling for answers on Bristols security and the possibility of attacks.

The trip had been organised as a birthday present to my dear friend and god mother of Mollie, and Mollie being 7 was so excited about a girly day trip to the theatre that I pulled myself together and reminded myself that fear was exactly what they intended to spread.

The theatre was full and I mean completely full of extremely excited mummies, daddies and children, it was the perfect escapism from the weekends awful events. The children were captivated by the stunning performance put on by all the cast and Jane and John were simply out of this world. Coming from a theatre back ground albeit amateur I know how much effort and it takes to put on a production and those two children didn't leave the stage and never once did they put a foot or note wrong.

We were treated by a performance from Jennifer, but you would never have guessed that she wasn't the lead role for every performance, she was suitably charming, calm, magnificent and completely believable as the delightful Mary Poppins.

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was most definitely the most anticipated number of the show for us and it did not disappoint, with a slick dance routine that left my jaw open like a cod fish. The amount of hours put in to perfecting this routine alone I cannot begin to imagine, but I can tell you all it was worth it. It was toe tapping .... blinking amazing!

My personal favourite number was 'Step in Time' but I am a complete sucker for a tap routine, and topped of with a very impressive walk over the rooftops!

The only disappointment we were to encounter was the fact they ran out of vanilla ice cream during the interval and although Honey and Ginger may be delightful for someone with distinguished tastebuds Miss Mollie was not impressed! Though I am sure we more than made up for it with mass of sweets and chocolate buttons she consumed.

We had a practically perfect day out and I think it is save to say I have passed my love of theatre on to Miss Mollie :-)

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