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Gemma Duck Personal Branding Photographer Somerset

Capture the truest essence of your brand

Personal Branding & Lifestyle


My trademark offering, ensures your branding imagery showcases you in a way that is authentic, beautiful and natural. I will fully immerse myself into your brand, allowing you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the experience, safe in the knowledge you will receive a gallery of images that align with your clients aspirations and emotive needs while honouring your integrity and ethos.

I offer three perfectly tailored photoshoot options, with the option to extend our working relationship to twelve months as well as options for a custom-tailored shoot to suit your unique needs.

Gemma is the epitome of what a personal branding photographer should be. She captured details and moments in a natural, graceful way.  My photos tell a story – one that truly portrays my brand and I.


- Susan Kemple



Family Portraits

Over the years I've have stayed in touch with my clients and have been welcomed back into their lives to share in the joy and love of the simpler, smaller and sometimes bigger moments.  Be it the welcoming of a new baby, portraits of the whole family, or the celebration an anniversary — documenting the seasons of your life is always a gift. 

I will happily travel to any location for your portraits and if you choose to include your pets and children, naturally, I’ll be even more delighted.

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Gemma Duck Photography / Family / Portrait Photographer / Photoshoot / Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Bath

Gemma effortlessly captured every emotion in the images from the celebration of welcoming our new daughter into the world.  She was calm and soothing as she engaged with my children, putting them completely at ease and allowing me to fully immerse myself into and the enjoy the experience. The photographs I received are elegant and timeless and as a family we will treasure them. 


- Jessica James

Gemma Duck / This Pretty Place Fine Art Print Collection / Travel Photography Photographer Photoshoot / Morning Surf

To travel, is the only way to truly experience

the world

Travel Editorial

Nothing excites me more than to travel the world in search of imagery that truly captures the heart and soul of a location.

A single image has the power to leave us hungry for more and to feel emotionally connected to somewhere otherwise out of reach.

In my pursuit of spreading joy, wonder and love in each and everyday I found an unlikely ally, my camera.  Together we can connect 

communities across the globe, entice, educate and spread awareness.  

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My Personal Collection of

Wanderlust and Wonder

Incorporating travel and discovery into my life has always been a dream, Photography has allowed me to follow this dream while leading me to discover new passions and causes close to my heart.

Ignite a passion and educate the world through imagery that captures the imagination


My photography journey have given me the opportunity to develop a passion and personal hobby, finding the beauty in the often unseen or unnoticed. 

I never imagined I would develop a fancy for wildlife or nature photography, yet I find myself falling deeper in love with the natural world each and evreytime I head outside with my camera. 

I am currently working on some projects to help raise awareness and be the voice of those who cannot speak through my photography and I can't wait to share the results with you.  

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