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Capture your unique brand personality and connect with your dream clients

We all know that the online world we live in today is saturated, and there may be many people out there doing what you do, BUT no one does it like you. Being completely authentic is a sure way to ensure that you stand out and really shine. 

Curated and carefully thought out content and images can truly set your business apart the rest, with a clear cohesive feel to your branding, website and social media feeds, you can spend your time drawing in and engaging with your dream clients.


Your images should connect with your clients on a personal and professional manner and engage them while immersing them into you and your world. 

My Personal Branding shoots will capture your true essence, and your photographs will tell the world, who you are and what you do through curated story telling all whilst letting them see the most authentic you. 

Photoshoots can take place wherever best suits your branding and business asthetic   it may be in and around your home and local surroundings or it maybe abroad in a country that resonates with the heart of your brand.  


MLS Marketing Studio | Gemma Duck Personal Branding Photography

"Let your audience get to know, like and trust you."

What's included in your Personal Branding Shoot?

I find the best way to start is with a free Creative Call, this way we can discuss your business, I can find out everything there is to know about you and your brand and just as importantly, you can get to know me. 

Next we will work together on a collaborative Pinterest Board, here we will share image ideas for your shoot before we compile a Detailed Shoot List to ensure we make the most of your shoot day and we capture all of your carefully planned images, meaning you can put them right to work as soon as you receive them.

My favourite part is the shoot day itself, which takes place at locations of your choice, 

from which you will receive high quality photographs, carefully curated to showcase you and your brand. 

Photoshoot Options

Frequently Asked Questions

MLS Marketing Studio | Gemma Duck Personal Branding Photography


  • Initial Discover Call

  • Quick 'Getting to know you Questionnaire'

  • Full Consultation Planning Call

  • Collaborative Pinterest Board & Detailed Shoot List

  • 4 Hours Photography Coverage

  • Minimum of 100 edited full and social media sized images

  • Up to 3 locations

  • Wardrobe, prop & location guidance

  • multiple outfit changes

  • Choice of Personal Branding and/or stock Imagery

  • Online Gallery

  • Commercial Licence


  • Initial Discover Call

  • Quick 'Getting to know you Questionnaire'

  • Full Consultation Planning Call

  • Collaborative Pinterest Board & Detailed Shoot List

  • 2 Hours Photography Coverage

  • Minimum of 50 edited full and social media sized images

  • Wardrobe, prop & location guidance

  • multiple outfit changes

  • Choice of Personal Branding and/or stock Imagery

  • Online Gallery

  • Commercial Licence

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Personal Branding and Lifestyle Photographer Somerset


Signature - £650

Simplicity - £400

MLS Marketing Studio | Gemma Duck Personal Branding Photography

Seasonal Sessions

  • 1 hour photography coverage

  • Minimum of 25 Edited Full & Social SIZED IMAGES






Gemma Duck Personal Branding Photography

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Frequently Asked Questions 


Should I hire a venue or rent an Airbnb for my shoot day?

Having a base for hair & makeup and part or all of your shoot is always a great idea.

You may feel renting an Airbnb will help you create the best images, but this isn’t a necessity. We can use your own your home / office / studio if it has a lot of space and natural light, you may have a friend or contact that has a space you can use, or we can simply spend the whole day shooting on location.

How do we find locations?

Once we have compiled a detailed shot list of what images we need then we can think about where each set will be shot. It may be in a city, in a park, in cafes, on a beach.

If your shoot is to take place in your home town or home, I will leave it up to you to plan out perfect locations. If it’s a location I am familiar with then I will help you the best I can with ideas.

If neither of us know the location then we can google locations using Google Earth and Instagram geotags to discover ideal locations and hidden gems.

Can I ask for specific shots that I would like?

Yes, I would LOVE that!

The more specific you are with your image requirements and the intended purpose for the photographs, (i.e: Instagram Images, Facebook Ads, Website Banners, Membership Content, Blog Headers, Head Shots, Lifestyle Images etc etc) the clearer we will both be on exactly what you would like from the shot and where each set and individual images are going to be used and how, the better.

Do I need to bring Props?

I personally love props, so please feel free to bring what you like. (i.e: laptops, notepads, pens, your products etc). if you would like it in your final images, then bring it along.

I will help you with regards to prop ideas for lifestyle images, and if I have things at home which can e used I will bring them too.

Can my family and/or friends join us on my Shoot day?

Of course, if being a busy mum or a loving dog mum helps portray your full brand story then yes.

If you offer coaching or consultations a friend would be the perfect way to capture this in images. Everyone loves a glimpse behind the scenes so images of you and your loved ones are always a huge hit.

You may not want them around all day so we can fully focus on you but details can be discussed as we prepare your detailed shoot list.

Anything to helps build your personal brand, can be included.


How do I book?

We start with a discovery call to make sure we are a good fit, we will then cross check our diaries and select a date that works for us both at the location of your choice.

Next I will send you a contract and invoice. upon reciept of your signed contract and 25% deposit payment, you are all booked in.

i.e: Half Day Deposit - £162.50

Now the fun really begins, we immediatly begin work on our collaborative Pinterest Board and Detailed Shoot List, sharing ideas for your personalised Personal Branding Photoshoot

Can we connect first, to see if we are a good fit?

I wouldn't have it any other way. Contact me and lets schedule your creative call, then we can chat all things business, your dreams, your brand, your ideas and most importantly you can ask me all your questions.

After our Discovery Call if you decide you want to go ahead and get your Photoshoot in the diary, the fun can really begin. If you decide I'm not the photogrpaher for you, that's fine too.

Do you offer payment plans?

There are a couple of paymnt options:

1. I simply take a 25% deposit to secure your booking, the remaining balance is due 7 days prior to your shoot.

If you need time to put aside the money then you can book and secure a shoot date way in advance.

2. I now offer three month payment plans.

3. If you like the flexability of monthly payments and certainity of current and cohesive imagery to really elevate your business, my 12 Month Plans are the perfect solution for you.

How do you take payments?

I accept payments through payal and via BACS

To book a date I require a 25% payment upfront (or the first of your 3 months payment) and the remaing balance is due 7 days prior to your shoot day.

Upon confirmation of your desire to book, I will send you your initial Brand Shoot Proposal, Contract and Invoice.

Is my deposit refundable?

Deposits (and the first of your 3 months payment) are non-refundable.

If you are booked in and you really need to move the shoot date, and my diary and personal commitments allow me to accommodate your requested changes, I will of course try to do so.*

*Please note, your deposit can only be carried forwards for 12 months, then you would need to rebook with a new deposit payment. After 12 months your deposit payment would be lost.

What Photoshoots do you offer?

Half Day Personal Branding Photoshoot - 4 hours

My passion is working with creatives and many also happen, like me, to be mums and due to logistics simply cannot miss school runs. which is why I love my Half Day Shoot. It's the perfect amount of time to capture enough images to see you through the next tweleve months and to fit around childcare commitmetns, if you dont have children it is also the perfect timeframe to give yourself plently of time for hair and make up prior and time to explore our beautiful locations afterwards.

Two Hour Personal Branding Photoshoot - 2 hours

Whether time is of the essence, or you simple require a top up of content for a new service or seasonal changes then my two hour photoshoot is the perfect solution for you.

Seasonal Sessions

I also offer Seasonal Shoot days each year, the day is broken up into 1 hour shoots. The Shoot days take place in beautiful locations across the South West of the UK and are perfect for seasonal top ups for your content or for a specific blog, website update or marketing strategy.

Keep an eye on my Events Page and Social Media Platforms for details of upcoming Seasonal Shoot Days. (Shoot days are limited to four shoots, if you would like to express interest please contact me and I will keep you updated.)

Group Bookings / Workshops / Retreats

I also offer group which entitle guests to Mini Shoots and I love to photograph retreats and workshops. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Will you come and shoot at my retreat?

I would absolutly love to.

I don’t have a specific package for retreats, as each and every one is unique. My retreat photogrpahy starts from £250 plus Travel & Accomodation. I offer discounts for mulitple days and the option to add in Mini Shoots for your guests. I can't wait to hear all about your plans, so lets book in a creative call and build a package together.

Who are Personal Branding Photoshoots for?

Anyone and everyone, for example if you are a: - Creative Entrepreuner (Florist, Cake Baker, Photographer etc) - Mumprenuner - Lifestyle Blogger - Mum Blogger - Influencer - Product Business Owner (We can incorpaote product photogaphy & lifestyle product photography into your shoot.) - Author - Muscian - Life Coach - Business Cach - Minset Coach - Wellness Coach - Yoga Teacher - Public Speaker - Podcaster - Scoial Media Guru / Expert - Or simply a busy bee who would like cohesive & pretty content for your social media feed Then my Personal Branding Photoshoots are perfect for you. When you are busy curating engaging, high value content that positions you as an expert in your field, the last thing you want is to be scrabbling around in a desperate search for the perfect imagery to captivate your audience, that is where I can help. A four hour photoshoot with me will generate you a minimum of 100 high quality edited images.


Is Hair and Make Up included?

No, make up and hair aren’t included either the Fully Day or Half Day Photoshoot.

You are more than welcome to hire your own Make Up Artist or alternatively you can do your own hair and make up.

I worked for many years in the Wedding Industry, so if you need any recommendations I would be happy to help.

What if I get stage Fright?

It's completely normal, everyone is nervous about being photographed, even me.

My main objective is to help you feel relaxed and at ease, so we can capture you in a natural and relaxed manner and most importantly so you can enjoy the experience.

I’ll show you pose ideas and guide you through each shot so that we capture you at your most sparkly self.

How may outifts should I bring?

This is completely up to you, although for a Full Day Photoshoot I would sugggest a minimum of 6 outfits that you can also adapt for variety.

For example, one of the six outfits could be a floral dress, and you could add a hat, then a jacket, and a statement necklace for a bit of variety, this doesn’t take up too much time with regards to changing. Think capsule wardrobe.

I want to capture varied content for you to use for as long as possible, this is harder when you don’t bring enough outfit changes, most clients tend to bring about 8.

I work closely with a fabulous Personal Stylist, if you would like her details please ask.

Do you help with styling?

Although I don't supply clothing, neither am I a trained stylist, I am happy to offer my opinion.

I can help you hone in on your preffered style with our shared Pinterest Board, I also know a fabulous stylist if you would like some additional help with ideas and purchasing clothing.

What happens on a shoot day?

If you have hair and make up this can be done prior to my arrivial or it can be part of your shoot.

Half Day Personal Branding Photoshoot

We will shoot from 10am until about 2pm also breaking as and when we feel like it. Upon arrivial we will quickly recap over your shoot list, giving you time to get to feel comfortable with me.

Please remeber the shoot day is yours, so it can be as fast paced as you like. Some people like a more chilled day and some like to pack in as much as possible.

We will stop as and when you like for coffee and snacks.

What happens if it rains?

I try and book shoots in seasons that aren’t rainy. But sometimes, especially here in the UK, it happens.

If we have an indoor base sometimes it’s not a problem. I will try my hardest to come up with a solution, i.e: change in locations (adding in more indoor alternatives), alongside a clear sky outside, run and shoot policy.

Sometimes, depending on your specific shoot requirements and locations, when the weather forecast predicts last minute rain or hideous weather, I may ask you if you can move you shoot to another day.

Do I need to cover expenses like food and taxis during the day?

You don’t have to cover food for me, no.

Most of the time I’ll have my car with me, so we are covered for transport, occasionally if we are shooting somewhere I’d like not to drive, I’ll just order taxi’s for us.


How many photographs will I get?

I will edit out all of the blurry, blinkers and test shots and the rest are yours.

This will be a minimum of 100 photos for a half day shoot and 50 photos for a two hour shoot. Although typically there are a lot more. My most recent half day shoot client recieved over 300 images.

What size will my images be?

I will send you the images in two sizes. One folder will be full resolution and the other will be resized for a social media

Do I get copyright to my images?

No, but let me explain as this is standard practice for any creative intellectual property (in the same way that a musician controls who can reproduce their music). Photographers retain copyright of their images and then they provide a licence that will reflect the agreed use. Our contract states that the use of your images will be exclusive to you in perpetuity (forever), with the exception of me using them for my own portoflio. Your licence will cover everything you need for branding images for - website, self promotion, social media, publication features. However you are not allowed to sell or gift your images to profit another business (for example, Getty wants to buy your images to resell, or Aerie wants to pay you to feature your photo on a Time Square Bill Board!)

Can you use my preset?

I will most certainly try for you, however sometimes presets aren't easy to work with when it comes to creating a cohesve feel across a shoot with changes in lighting etc. I will give you my honest opinion and work with you to reflect your brand and identity in your final images.

Can I filter my images after you have edited them?

I would advise against this. I will work with you to create images that fit with your business asthetics and brand story much better than any iphone app can do.

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