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Jemima Rose Family Lifestyle Photography Somerset Bath

Hey, Jemima here!


I am a Photographer, residing in the beautiful and serene Somerset countryside, I specialise in Personal Brand and Styled Product Photography.

My journey into photography has been an adventure, one which I never want to end. I still love the thrill of editing images after a long shoot day and I am always on the search for something pretty to capture. 

Photography has taught me so much above love, patience, light and myself. I strive to ensure that every image I capture encompasses meaning, joy and an element of storytelling.

Photography is the truest art form, freezing a simple moment, expressing the truth and sharing an ever-changing personal journey for not only my subject but myself also. the viewer.

Jemima Rose Personal Branding Lifestyle Photographer Somerset Bath
Jemima Rose Stock Photo Personal Branding Photographer

Branding meet photography


I am a self confessed serial entrepreneur and for over a decade I found joy and passion in the creation of brands, building a story and developing branding and marketing strategies as individual as each brand itself. Infact I am obsessed with all things branding and the story telling side of business, I use these passions to curate images that tell your personal and your brand story, ensuring these images work hard for you, by attracting and engaging your ideal customers.

I have spent many hours soaking up lessons from experts, devouring images from all areas of photography and curating my own style. It wasn't before long I was using my branding and marketing experience to capture images of friends who owned businesses to help them stand out online . . . . and the rest as they say is history. 

Jemima Rose Personal Branding Product Photographer Commercial Somerset Bath
Jemima Rose Personal Branding Photographer Family Somerset Bath

Story telling through photography


Branded photography is so much more than pretty pictures, it is the understanding of a brands ethos, history and long term strategy. Armed with my two passions (photography & branding) and my burning desire to help women achieve their goals and define their own paths in life, I am able to capture content that will truly work for you by collating all this information and knowledge into imagery that connects with your audience in an authentic and meaningful way.

It is my ability to fully immerse myself into your brand which allows me to create images that meet all your requirements. whether you are looking for personal branding & lifestyle imagery or product photography I will help you achieve a cohesive and authentic aesthetic.

Want to know more?

Let's chat

Whether your adventure is Work, Travel or Family, getting to know you is part of the process I treasure most, so naturally I would love to hear your plans.

I can't wait to hear what you have planned and together create something beautiful! 

Jemima Rose Photography
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